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DCM Tony C.

ALT DCM Jerry F.

Greetings To All in District 9!!!!  
GREETINGS!  The 2017 District 9 Sobriety Gathering meetings have been ongoing!!!  We have voted on a venue to host the 2017 District 9 Sobriety Gathering.  We had voted on having the Gathering at the Community Center just off Myamura (however that’s spelled) and Church Rock as the back up venue.  This year we are having travelling meetings once a month at that same venues as that of the District 9 “Meeting of the Minds!”  The meeting was held at the Zuni Recovery Center in Blackrock on March 12,  2017.  We do need the help and cooperation of those so as to have a successful 2017 Gathering once again.  We had six (6) members show up and recruited five (5) others at that meeting.  Thanks to all who signed up to help out!  My hat is off to them!  Please RSVP as to whether you can make it to the meetings and to serve once again.  Please contact me at (505) 552-8155.  Next Meeting will be held at the “Hozho Center”  at 216 Maloney in Gallup hosted by the Home Group on Sunday, April 9, 2017 at 11:00 am.     (I hope Lenny takes note of the date for our meeting.) LOL!!!  Jerry F., Committee Chair

Here are some updates for the upcoming events!

District 9 “Meeting of the Minds” will meet at the “Hozho Center” in Gallup on the 9th of April at 1:30 pm.  Thanks to the “4th Dimension and TOBS Groups” for volunteering their club house for this Meeting this month.

Special Announcements


There are openings for District 9 Trusted Servants – We need Committee Chairpersons in the areas of Corrections, NMYPAA and Archives Chair, if there is anyone interested please call Tony C. at 505/495-4207 or email at the email address listed below for more information.

If you have any questions please call the DCM for more information.
More updates will be here soon…

                                                          send e-mail to:  Tony C. at devildawgtony@gmail.com.



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