District 14

El Farolito Report, District 14–Taos, March 2017

Believe it or not, District 14 has already begun the countdown and preparations for The Taos Mountain Fiesta, weekend of September 16th. The Taos Mountain Fiesta Committee is an independent group responsible for the many logistics and specifications of this annual event. Though existing as a separate entity from A.A, they do work closely with District 14. With that in mind, there are many service positions open. Please use this page to offer support: http://taosmountainfiesta.org/contact/

If you have plans to visit Taos, and enjoy smaller sized meetings, there are groups in our district having expressed the need for support. Locals are also encouraged to try these meetings out: Talpa Linger Longer Group (Mondays), Wednesday Night Stag Group, Forever 11 (Thursdays), and the Taos Group (Fridays). For details on these and all our local meetings, please visit this website: NM-aa.org


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