District 14

El Farolito Report, District 14–Taos, April 2017

There is little we can do to deny spring is finally here. AA news from the Taos area is bountiful as the season:

The district’s treatment committee is doing well and has been bringing monthly meetings into two of our treatment centers—Vista and the Rio Grande—every month since early last year. The treatment committee is also looking for volunteers to help approach Shadow Mountain with the same plan. If you are interested in telling your story at a treatment meeting, please contact Deb M @575-779-0956

District 14’s group, How It Works, has moved into the basement of the New Beginnings church. The first meeting in the new location hosted seventeen kids from a sober high school in Oklahoma City. How It Works has also had to purchase general liability insurance as per the church’s request. This could be a new trend in requirement. Any group needing insurance can ask district, or email Christoph E. @ christoph@cengledesign.com.

And finally, Taos Mountain Fiesta, September 15, 16 and 17, 2017, is our biggest party of the year! We need your help! Service positions available. Join us April 10 at 7pm at the Presbyterian Church to get in on the fun! Here is the contact link if you have any questions about this opportunity:  http://taosmountainfiesta.org/contact/.


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