District 10

  1. This is District 10~ Welcome!!! Lets start off by announcing montyly events

District Meeting

When? 4-26-17 @ 3:00pm

Where? 12 Squared Group in Carlsbad

Group Conscious

Hobbs Original Group– April 2nd @ 10:00am

New Life Group– April 3rd @ 8:00pm

In other news thank you District 2 for hosting the assembly i had a blast. As a result of one of the web committee we have started announcing the AA website as a means of getting information about local AA. What a concept 😛 This was one of the most powerful assemblies i have attended; so much so that it ended with Theresa and I shedding tears for the love of service.

Carlsbad, Hobbs and Lovington Area

(Eddy and Lea Counties)


The Carlsbad Group (701 Guadalupe)

has a speaker meeting the 1st Saturday of the month.

Pot luck starts at 6; speaker at 7

~ Come enjoy the Fellowship! ~


Singleness of Purpose

Location TBA

has a speaker meeting the

last Saturday of the month.

Stop in for some fellowship!


New Life Group

(NLG @ 121 West Broadway, Hobbs NM)

Birthday Night: Celebrated on the last Friday of every month.

Speaker Night: Every third Thursday is a out of town speaker and potluck.


Hobbs Original Group

(HOG @ 218 West Dunam, Hobbs NM)

Birthday Night: Last Thursday of the month

Hog Happening: The 2nd Saturday of every month is a speaker and potluck.


Lovington group

First Methodist Church

407 N. Main Ave.



Mark Your Calendars! Upcoming Events:




March 26th, 2017

District 10 will be having its regular meeting at the C12 Squared Group  @ 3:00 all are welcome!


April 8th, 2017

The Hobbs Original Group will have the regular second Saturday Happening

6:00 Potluck

7:00 Speaker

8:00 Raffle

Come Join us!




District 10 Committee Member: district10@nm-aa.org

District 10 Web Chair: web10@nm-aa.org