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To become a member of the committee or to find out more about the Area 46 Finance Committee, contact Ruth G. at

Anyone attending an Area Assembly is always welcome to attend the Finance Committee Meetings!

Finance Committee December 2015 Report

Hello All,

I want to thank everyone for letting me be the financial chairperson for the past 2 years.  It has been an honor and a privilege.  It has proven to be a great learning experience which I hope to carry forward on my journey in life.  I hope you all will support Ruth G. our new financial chair.

We had 14 people in attendance at the area assembly committee meeting.  Teresa gave her treasures report.  Then we hit the proposed budget.  I let them now that because of lower than normal contributions we made a couple of changes in the expenditures.  The biggest one is that we will not be sending a speaker or a translator to SWRAASA.  After a little discussion the committee voted unanimously to have this brought to the assembly floor.

After that we moved on to adding some wording into the AIP for the discretionary fund.  It started out very complicated and we got it down to something simple.

Next on our agenda came the amount of money in our prudent reserve.  I believe that several of us in the committee think it is way too much and we try to protect it from ever being touched.  The one time we do go into the prudent reserve is in March but it isn’t $14000 we use.  Several of us would like to see a fixed number as the prudent reserve and we will look at the past and see what would be a logical amount of money to be set aside as the prudent reserve.  I hope you will assist Ruth and the finance committee in making a change in this area.

Expenses:  Travel to assemblies-395.00; Travel to planning meetings-55.00; Service expenses-91.00

Again thank you all for letting me be of service.

Yours in Service,

Ruth G.


7th Tradition (Circles of Love) contributions can be mailed to:

Area 46 Treasurer
 PO Box 4224
Santa Fe NM 87502

Please make checks payable to “Area 46”

  Include your group name and District number on each check


Calling all DCMs and District Treasurers!

I would like to invite all DCMs and District Treasurers to become working members of the Area 46 Finance Committee.

DCMs:  The Area can’t know how to serve the Districts if the Districts don’t communicate their wants and needs to the Area.

Treasurers:  This is your committee.  As a District Treasurer, other District Trusted Servants and GSRs often looked to me to help them understand the more confusing parts of Area finance and budgeting practices.

GSRs:  I listed you last, but you are not the least…no one is more important than the GSR!

If you would like to become an active part of the Finance Committee, send me an email at  If you’re not sure about it, come to the Finance Committee meeting at the December Area Assembly and check it out.


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Updated January 2016